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.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. >>> this is probably the scariest video you two will see all day because it involves live robots amongst us. as you can see here, there are a bun of windup robots. and they're just walking amongst the people of buenos aires as you see here. >> these are giant toys. >> these don't have any sort of artificial intelligence in order to take over the world that scientists have given them. this looks like a film. >> this is really well done. >> they even have shadows, like, the shadows are in the right place. yes, this is digitally done, this is for black sheep films and he's known for making short films with the fantastic afanta elements and he envisioned this is what it would be like if robots are walking around with us. >> the next generation "toy story" or something like that. it would be fun to watch. >> if this really happened it wouldn't be that scary because you can decipher easily who is human and wh ao's robot. it's scary when the robots
.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the s.calp seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. >>> you're about to witness a game changer. pizza delivery, watch this guy. he's got a pizza to deliver. but guess what, the pizza receiver is up here on the third floor it looks like. pizza guy says i ain't got time for stairs, my friend. i'm just going to swing that pizza up to you, the customer has not paid yet. could have just locked the window and said thank you for the pizza, idiot. the guy is like, cool, you got the pizza, waiting for the money. looks like the guy has a 20 or something. i'll crinkle that up and drops it. dude catches it, peace out, keep the change. that is the brightest display of laziness i've ever seen. >> i feel like if you've got your piezza this way, all the cheese would be stuck to the top of the box. >> laziness on behalf of the pizza guy. laziness on behalf of the customer. nobody wants to go down or come up. the pizza got where it needed to go. >> they know each other. this is just what they do. >> yeah, called his
. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates tcahe slp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. >>> it is a tough life if you're a pelican and you lose your parents and your flock all before you learn how to fly that's what happened to this bird here. his name is big bird. he was taken in by graystoke in tanzania, they found him when he came ashore during a storm and they fed him and cared for him and they have to teach him you on to fly. >> spread your wings. spread your wings. bye-bye. >> it's like a pterodactyl. >> it's a big bird. and here they are teaching it how to fly. >> are you kidding? he learned from the humans kind of showing the motion. that's pretty remarkable. that's a fun video. >> i love the person who figured out to put a go pro on this thing's bill and point it back at them. his little bald head screaming through the air. >>> we go from water fowl to a whale. this video was captured by some people sailing from st. croix to the bahamas and as you can see they are going at a pretty good clip. notice this whale. no problem keeping up, just look. >> cool. >> and
ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. >>> logon to, stay in touch all day long. now back to the show.designed t safety feature on tall buildings, but these are near death experiences for children in china. this little boy hanging by his arms from this steel cage that protects windows. looks like the boy slipped out the window and then fell through the bars that just aren't close enough to keep his little body from falling through. >> he is high up. look at that. >> five stories up in the air. some neighbors below have gone out their window, there for half an hour before rescuers were able to show up. and you got to think there is like four people hanging on this thing now. who knows if it is going to give way. >> also, think about the bars that are probably jamming into his poor little body. probably can't even breathe. >> when rescuers did show up, they couldn't get not apartment because no one was home. they had to cut the door open with the giant cutting tool before they could get to the b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4